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Completed Event
19th September 2010 - Toranafest, Newcastle ...

The show was awesome as always. Catching up with the Torana clan from all over Australia, eyeballing some some serious muscle, chatting to celebs and of course, showing off our own cars. Andrew won Runner Up Best LX and as you can imaging with the plethora of LX Toranas on display this was a great result. The club won Best Club Display again as Kev has already said. My thanks all of those who helped as it was certainly a talked about item at the show. Unfortunately I wasnt able to attend on the day as I was crook but I sent my Undercover Brother in place. This cool groover, straight from the 70's kept a lot of people amused and had a lot of people thinking "what the heck". He managed to attract the attention of local news crew and scored himself a magazine subscription for best dressed. Not sure if he will make an appearance again but hey, stranger things have happened. The link to news story is http://soulstream1.sptel.com.au/NBN_News//toranashow.wmv

Our little deviation to Bathurst was a real treat. Cruising around Mt Panorama was a hoot, I can only imagine what it would be like in a real Torana. We took plenty of photo's of the cars along the track and got a bit of video footage too. The drive our there was certainly worth it and we traveled through some beautiful countryside and along some real nice roads as well.

To all those who drove down, thanks for your company, it was a pleasure. To those who flew in on the day, well done, that is a dedicated effort. To those who didnt make it, hopefully you can next year. You really are missing out.