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7th March 2010 - Somerset Dam ...

Well when I woke up it looked like it was going to turn out to be a nice sunny day but that was short lived as the clouds must have finished their Sunday brekky at Sizzler and decided to block out the blue skies.

Shellie, Zakk and myself made our way up to Macca's at Goodna where we met up with Jeff and Karin in the blue hatch and Glenn in his green 4 door. Negotiating your way through the roadworks is always fun around that Goodna stretch and when you get out the other side successfully it's like jaggin a win on Keno.

Anyway so after I refueled with a few McMuffins and some Hotcakes and a Coke and a Coffee and various other nibbles we decided to depart towards Sommerset. The heavens decided to open up just as we were leaving which left us wondering how many other people would brave the elements and partake in the casual Sunday drive. We were joined by Amanda Adam and Amelia at the Fernvale turn off and her red beast had no trouble linking in with our small but attractive convoy.

Just as we were turning to head up to the spit we pulled over and met up with Nick and Rachel in Juicey and Darren in his replica race car. When we were leaving I noticed that Jeff must've had a sticking linkage, dodgy return spring or something because he seemed to be producing a large amount of revs and tyre smoke which in turn gave me a good look at his doors while I was looking back down the road. It did seem to fix itself though but he may have had a bruise or two afterwards.

After weaving our way through the hundreds of sticky beaks perving on the overflow from the dam, we arrived at the spit where we joined the rest of the group (Dave Suz & DJ Dom the Dance Music Mix Master, The Bundy Clan, Andrew Beaumont and boys). It turned out to be a good turn out considering the weather and we weren't the only group that thought so. There were plenty of people out boating, skiing etc. I did get a giggle out of one little boy telling his mum to look at all those cars over there they're all the same.

So the afternoon was spent having lunch, speaking crap and some even kicked the footy. Dom had to wait while his food was heated courtesy of Juicey's engine bay. I was teaching Zakk to throw rocks at the jetskis. Dave and I have some parenting issues we have to sort out with the boys. I have to get Zakk to toughen up and not sook when he gets his hair pulled and Dave has to teach Dom how to fight like a man and not girl up and pull hair. Some people did try to put up a tarp but that idea was aborted when there was nothing to tie it up with.

All in all it was a pretty casual relaxing Sunday and we all made our own way home where some of us may have ingested a few tasty amber beverages.

By Jody Mc Cullagh